When there were far fewer people around, far fewer laws and regulations, when the legal speed limit was 75 mph, when gas was cheap, when driving was a pleasure, if you owned a hot machine you could point the grill down an empty road and go!

X-51 in Miniature

In the mid-1950s Ron Courtney, a bodyman at a little shop in a little town in Oregon, built the X-51, a sectioned and restyled 1951 Ford that appeared on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine as “the Ford of the future”. In the 1980s the late Dale Poore built a model of the X-51 and created this diorama. He later sold it to John Corno, who owned the X-51. Dale later got the diorama back when it was found in a yard sale. I don’t know where it is today, but the X-51 exists in California, in perfect condition, owned, I believe, by Bob Page.
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