When there were far fewer people around, far fewer laws and regulations, when the legal speed limit was 75 mph, when gas was cheap, when driving was a pleasure, if you owned a hot machine you could point the grill down an empty road and go!

Flat Out is a "favourite book"

We're happy to learn that Flat Out has been named a "favourite book" by Peter Stevens of the British magazine Classic & Sports Cars.

In the May 2009 issue Stevens says:
As an avid collector and reader of books I have loads of favourites, but this is a standout...this paperback captures the feel of early hot-rodding like no other book. To me, the whole essence of a hot rod is that it represents one enthusiast's idea of how a 'faster than stock' car should be, and Flat Out is packed with images the represent that philosophy.
You can buy this book on early California Dry Lake Trials 1930-1950 and the cars and people who drove them here on the Flat Out Press website.  Check out the Flat Out Press catalog to see all of our merchandise.