When there were far fewer people around, far fewer laws and regulations, when the legal speed limit was 75 mph, when gas was cheap, when driving was a pleasure, if you owned a hot machine you could point the grill down an empty road and go!

The Age of Hot Rods

The Age of Hot Rods: Essays on Rods, Custom Cars and Their Drivers from the 1950s to Today  is a collection of essays that collect an automotive and cultural history that dates from the 1950s.

Discussing hot rods, custom cars, motorcycles, sports cars, and the people who built and owned them, these essays provide a record of the beginnings of modern automotive history. 

Other essays deal with the beginnings of drag racing and early car shows and automotive expos. The colorful writing illuminates the people, machines, movies and cultural events that shaped hot rod culture.

McFarland Press; ISBN: 978-0-7864-3404-6; Softbound 7"x10", 2008. About 90 photos with an index.

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